Do Maltipoos Change Color? Learn The Truth Today

Onething you will definitely notice is that maltipoos are available in a wide range of colors which causes them to be extended attractive. There traits from poodle is what contribute to these amazing colors because maltese tend to come in only three different colors including white, white with lemon and white with tan.

Lots of people eyes are set on a particular color only to be disappointed over time due to their furry friend experiencing color changes. When choosing a dog color is one of the most important factor that owners use to make a solid decision.

It’s best to keep in mind that a lot of maltipoos tend to change color over a period of time due to their poodle parents having the progressive parent gene. The thing is that not all maltipoos will fade in color and it’s best to know that these breeds will become darker as they become older.

Do Maltipoos Change Color?

Do Maltipoos Change Color

Yes there is no doubt that you will find maltipoos that changes color over a period of time which can be a bit disappointed for some dog owners. The most popular color you will find maltipoos in is white although you will find some areas to be a bit tan or lemon.

When it comes to poodle, they are available in a wide range of colors such as white, cream, black, brown, beige, apricot.

When looking to purchase a maltipoo, you will find most of them to be white due to the fact that they are bred from maltese and this is known to be a very popular color when it comes to poodle. There are cases where you might see red and apricot.

There are a few other colors you might see maltipoos in such as black and dark brown, but these are quite rare. If you are looking for maltipoos that’s available in a wide range of colors you should opt for a F1b and F2.

When Do Maltipoos Change Color?

Base on studies, it is said that maltipoos can actually change color more than once over time. At birth you might see your dog with one specific color, then when they are ready to be purchase, their color might be a bit different and once again when they are at adult stage.

You don’t have to worry about your dog changing color too much because when they reaches 2 year old, whichever color they have at that time, they should remain that way. As I’ve stated before, not all maltipoos will experience color change.

What Causes Your Maltipoo Coats to Change Color

Genetics is actually the main reason behind your dog constantly changing its color as they age. At puppy stage, you’ll find your dog to be at a specific color, then once ready to be purchase, their color will look a lot different and once they grow older, you’ll experience a new color. The only thing we can blame at this point is the fading gene which can be found in poodle breeds.

Can I Stop My Maltipoo From Color Changing?

At any moment your maltipoo is experiencing color change, there is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent it from happening since it is just a natural process. However, there are several companies out there that specializing in products that is capable of preserving your dog’s color.

The worst feeling is to have a puppy with a pretty unique color who you love just the way he is and don’t want to experience any kind of color changes.

Is Color Change Good or Bad?

Let’s start by saying that color changes doesn’t poses any kind of health risk to your dog, so in terms of whether it is good or bad comes down to what you actually think yourself. While some people doesn’t mind the changing of their dog color as it changes with seasons or age.

You will find some people to be a bit disappointed that the color of their dog has changed from the color that they actually like. We can’t justify on whether if it is good or bad since it all comes down to your personal opinion.

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