Do Maltipoos Get Along With Cats? Are They Friends?

Before bringing home a cat into your home that already has a maltipoo, it is very important that you know if they are capable of getting along along. In this article I’m going to explain everything you need to on whether if it is safe to have a cat and maltipoo living in the same space together.

Do Maltipoos Get Along With Cats?

It is safe to say that maltipoos actually get along with cats quite well. Not only that, but it is said that your dog protective instinct might even come into play when a cat becomes apart of the family. However, before bringing a cat home to your dog, you must first properly introduce them.

Maltipoos and Cats

Do Maltipoos Get Along With Cats


The first thing you should know before taking a cat home to your furry friend is to ensure that they are suited for each other.

You will find that on most TV shows, cats and dogs are usually seen as enemies. But the perception of cat and dogs not get along is not true, because there are lots of cases where dogs and cats become best friends.

We strongly believe that the temperament of maltipoos makes them great for cats. These dogs are normally friendly, playful and loyal, especially when compared to other dog breeds out there. Even though they are packed with a lot of energy, you will find that they are calm and seems to sleep right throughout the day.

In most cases, your maltipoo will acknowledge the cat as apart of their family and treat them as such. This is where their protective instincts comes into play. One thing for sure is that maltipoos are normally attached to their family, this includes their owners and others within the home.

This is great for those who are thinking about bringing a cat home. While there are lots of dogs our there that doesn’t go well with cats, maltipoo is definitely one of those breeds.

Let’s not forget that all dogs and cats are different which means that they have different personalities. So, the most effective thing you can do is to just introduce them to each other before actually bringing them into the same hone to prevent altercation from happening.

How to Create the Best Living Situation For a Maltipoo and Cats

Apart from only introducing each dogs to one another, there are several things that you could to ensure that things goes a lot smoother between each pets.

Provide Your Maltipoo With Lots of Exercise

One thing you will notice about maltipoos and is the fact that they are loaded with energy and need to be taken outside on a regular basis so that they can get the exercise that they deserve.

By ensuring that your maltipoo gets the right amount of exercise, there are less chance of him getting wild which is not good for cats.

Ensure That Your Cat Has Hiding Spaces

You can do this by simply rearranging the furniture so that they can move around freely and hide when they actually think it is necessary to do so.

This is superb since it will help your cat to feel safe most of the times. This is the main reasons why we strongly believe that hiding space is important for cats.

Separate Territories

There’s no doubt that cats and dogs enjoy claiming territories and because of this you might want to ensure that they both have their own areas within the house.

You should provide them with their own food and water. They should also have their own bed spaces. By simply giving them their own areas within the house, they will eventually feel comfortable and right at home.

What Happens If They Don’t Get Along?

If it’s a case where you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work, you should definitely take the time out to consult a professional trainer for more advice towards the situation. We don’t think it would be a good idea to take any of your pet to a shelter, but the thing is that we don’t think it is even worth putting your cat or dog at any risk.

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