Do Maltipoos Get Cold Easily? How Cold is Too Cold

There’s no doubt that maltipoos can get cold easily due to the fact that they are small in size. If it’s a case where your maltipoo hair is short, then they will feel the cold more than those with longer hair. With that said, cold weather will definitely play a role on your dog depending on their age and overall health.

In this article, we are going to look at everything you need to know about maltipoos and cold and what you can do to keep them warm going forward.

Do Maltipoos Get Cold Easily?

Due to the fact that maltipoos are usually small in size, they do not handle cold as well as larger dogs would be able to. If it’s a case where snow is outside, then your dog will likely get cold easily because they are closer to the ground which means that their body will come into contact with the snow.

It’s best to keep in mind that dogs with longer hair/fur usually have a better chance against cold weather because of the protection it offers. Even though maltipoos tend to have long coats, at times it might be on the shorter side due to grooming.

Can Maltipoos Be Left Outside In Cold Weather?

Do Maltipoos Get Cold Easily

We don’t think it would be a good idea to leave your maltipoo outside alone in cold weather. If somehow you have mistakenly left your dog outside during cold weather then there is a high risk of your dog developing hypothermia and even frostbite.

Depending on how cold it is outside, there’s even chances that your dog could freeze to death.

We don’t anything wrong if you take your dog for walks outside during the cold, but you should never left them alone.

We don’t recommend removing your dog from the leash during cold weather. If somehow your dog should end up get lost, they might become extremely cold within just a few minutes.

Do Maltipoos Need to Wear Coats in Winter?

There is no doubt that wearing a coat will help your dog to stay warm during the cold season. Wearing a coat is even more effective for dogs that is sick and want to stay warm.

You will find dog coat in many different varieties ranging from some being lightweight sweater jackets and insulated winter coats.

Some of these coats are capable of covering your dog’s entire body, while some has a hood included for their head.

What we really love about these coats is the fact that they are water-resistant which is great for people who live in area that has frequent snow or rain on a regular basis.

When choosing a coat make sure that you only invest in ones that is comfortable for your dog to wear. Also, you should ensure that the coat is easy to get on and off in order to make it easier for your dogs.

Maltipoos Safety For Winter

It’s always important to do whatever it takes to ensure that your dog is safe and healthy during the winter season. Here are several things you can do to ensure your dog is safe and well cared for during winter.

Invest In Boothies

The first thing we recommend doing is to invest in a pair of boothies just to ensure that your dog paws are kept warm.

It is safe to say that wearing a boothie is super effective and it will definitely help to keel your dog’s paw warm and well protected against salt and chemicals on the ground while they take a walk

The thing is that salt and chemicals can cause harm to your dog’s paw and can also lead to your dog becoming sick if they lick it off.

If you are unable to purchase boothies, then the best thing you can do is to wash off their paws before they enter the house.

Keep Your Maltipoo Warm Inside

Let’s not forget that your dog will need to stay warm inside as well. It is said that most homeowners turn down the thermostat before they leave the house. In order to maintain what second temperature you should keep it at a minimum of 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

It could be that your dog enjoy sleeping in the dog bed, so what you can do is provide extra blanket for comfort.

Avoid Accidents

If your dog is old or maybe suffering from health issues such as arthritis and if that’s the case your dog may have a hard walking on aras that is considered to be slippery.

Try and find a decent area to walk your furry friend so that you can prevent them from falling to the ground when it is slippery or being an icy surface.

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