Do Maltipoos Have Hair or Fur? Learn More

There’s no doubt that maltipoos are one of the most amazing dog breeds you can find. We always enjoy seeing pets in our presence, so why not choose a maltipoo? These dog breeds are extremely smart, loyal, friendly and are attracted by a lot of people. Maltipoos are great to have as apart of your family as they will be friendly amongst your children’s as well as visitors.

Do Maltipoos Have Hair or Fur?

It is safe to say that maltipoos has hair not fur. You can typically find fur on animals that’s more gear towards the cold areas such as polar bears, and wolves because it actually helps to keep them warm during the cold seasons.

So as you can see, maltipoos is the breed to have hair, rather than fur. While maltipoos hair isn’t capable of keeping them completely warm as fur would, it still provides a level of insulation and protection.

The thing with hair is that it allows your dog to wear different styles, which makes them look even more attractive when you are taking them for a walk. It’s also good to have an understanding of the type of hair maltipoos has, since it is not the same as other dog coats.

What is The Difference Between Hair and Fur?

Do Maltipoos Have Hair or Fur

While looking at your maltipoo it might be a bit hard to actually tell the difference between the two. There are even cases where people have wonder if there is a actually a variation base on the resemblance. Even when you brush it it’s hard to notice the difference when looking.

The thing is that there are pretty much the same in terms of identity, as they are both made from protein compound popularly known as keratin. The main difference betting the two is just the density.
In other words, hair tend to grow constantly and you won’t notice much shedding. But fur on the other hand only grows to a certain extent then must shed.

Allergies to Maltipoos Hair vs Dog Fur

The main reasons behind the debate between hair and fur as to do with the topic of allergens. It is said that dogs who have hair instead of fur have far less allergen which is superb for people who suffers from allergies.

But that’s not always the truth as it is not always the cause for allergies. There are other things that might trigger allergies such as dander, saliva, dog’s urine, dust or pollen in the coat.

Maltipoos Hair Better For People With Allergies

Having a maltipoo within your surrounding it is said that your less likely to experience allergies due to the fact that danders are normally trapped within the dog’s coat. The thing is that these dogs coat rarely shed which is another good news for allergy sufferers.

Due to the fact that dog fur tend to shed on a regular basis, it causes the dander that’s remain on it to fall all over your home. If it’s a case where you have a dog that shed often, it could lead to your allergies being worse and difficult to go away because of the hair being all over.

Why Do Maltipoos Have Hair and Not Fur?

Maltipoos are great dogs. They can be friendly, loyal, gentle, loving and playful. Maltipoos are also amazing pets because of their ability to bond well with children’s.

We also like the fact that maltipoos are very intelligent and adaptable. Your dog will have a hard time adapting to new life as their owners get older. As long as they are around their owner, they are quite fine.

There are lots of dog breeds out there that only need the attention of their owners, but that is not the case with maltipoos. They tend to enjoy the company of other maltipoos and other dogs.

The main reason why maltipoos have hair and not fur is because the hair will protect their skin and make it even more resilient. Not only that, but their hair also plays a role in protecting them from predators. It is even effective enough to protective them from the temperature.

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