Do Maltipoos Like to Cuddle? Get The Facts

We are a huge fan of maltipoos and the reason for this is because they are amazing dogs who’s extremely friendly and loyal to their owners. Let’s first start by saying that they are cross-breed of maltese and poodle, with both dog breeds being small and attractive, which is why maltipoos are so eye catching because of their genes.

They enjoy getting attention which is pretty much the same for other dogs. Your kids will definitely enjoy playing with these dogs due to the fact that they are playful and energetic.

Do Maltipoos Like to Cuddle?

Do Maltipoos Like to Cuddle

Yes, you will definitely find that maltipoos actually enjoy cuddling especially with their owners. Even though some dogs tend to growl or cry when being held. The thing is that this is a great breed for those who enjoys cuddling with their dogs especially at nights before bed.

There’s no doubt that their cuddling nature has a lot to do with their dependence on humans. Let’s not forget that maltipoo doesn’t like being away from their owners or family members for too long. If it’s a case where you don’t have a maltipoo but yet you’re looking to bring one home, then make sure you are capable of spending some quality time with them.

The fact that maltipoos are small in size and attractive at the same time, a lot of people tend to love these dog breeds. Apart from that maltipoos are on the popular side which means that they are currently on high demand.

When Do Maltipoos Like to Be Cuddled?

You will find that your maltipoos are more likely to cuddle with you whenever they are feeling tired. Once your dog have spent most of his time playing throughout the day, you can then expect him to slowly come beside you in the couch and start cuddling. Cuddling with your dog can be a very amazing feeling.

If you owning a maltipoo for the first time, we think you should give him sometime to get used to the change of environment. At first, your dog will be afraid and scared to come beside of you especially to cuddle. But once your dog gain your trust, you will start notice a huge difference in behavior and at this moment you can start expecting cuddling to occur.

Do Maltipoos Enjoy Cuddling Compared to Other Dogs?

Let’s not forget that maltipoos are extremely smart because of their poodle traits and you won’t have to train them much since they adapt quickly. If it’s a case where your maltipoo is a new born, you don’t have to worry about training as they will easily adapt to whatever environment they are in.

There’s no doubt that your maltipoo will be afraid to come to you in the beginning. In order to overcome this fear, you have to give them time and space. Try playing with your dog and constantly talk to them and once they become comfortable within your presence, they will begin to cuddle with you especially when you are home alone.

Can Cuddling With My Maltipoo Causes Behavioral Issues?

Cuddling with your maltipoo will not necessarily cause any form of aggression, but you might be in an environment where your dog feels the need to protect you at all times. Socializing with your dog is without a doubt the best thing you can do.

If somehow you start hearing growling or barking while you are cuddling with your dog, make sure that you check to ensure that nothing is wrong with your maltipoo. Sometimes your maltipoos will rather sleeping on their own just to be a bit more comfortable.

Check Your Maltipoo’s Health

If it’s a case where your dog haven’t been in the cuddling mood since lately no matter how tired they are or how much you cheer them on, there might be something that is causing issues such as an underlying health conditions. Make sure to keep on eye out on your maltipoo to ensure that they are not feeling unwell or have been hurt.


Maltipoos are a great choice if you are looking a dog that really enjoy cuddling. Their love and affection actually make them safe with the people within their surrounding. If your maltipoo doesn’t want to cuddle especially if they are new to the environment. This is why you should take it slow and everything will happen in due.

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