Do Schnoodle Snore? Things You Should Know

The truth is that dog tend to snore when something us actually blocking their airflow which is due to either sinuses or nasal passages. Most of the time when your Schnoodle is snoring, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

The reason there is no need to worry is because dog snoring is relatively normal and because of this there’s no cause for concern. The biggest issue is the fact that it can interrupt your sleeping pattern and this may be the reason why you want to find ways in which you can reduce your Schnoodle snoring.

With that said, if your dog just begin snoring out of the blue, or if his snoring becomes more harder to bear, then you may want to get your dog checked by a vet since they will be able to figure out what is causing the issue.

Majority of the time your dog tend to snore because they are actually facing some issues with their breathing.

Do Schnoodle Snore?

Do Schnoodle Snore

Yes they do and most of the time there is absolutely nothing wrong with your dog snoring. However, there are cases where your furry friend might be suffering from an underlying health issues that may be causing them to snore. Below, we have listed a few things that could lead to your Schnoodle snoring.


This could be the main culprit behind your dog snoring due to the fact that dogs can definitely be allergic to many things. You will find some dogs out there to be allergic to dust, pollen, and seasonal allergies which is pretty much similar to us humans.

In order to get rid of seasonal allergies you should continuously wash your dog’s face and paws after going out for a walk as this is effective. Also, when dusting it would be best if you use damp towel as it will lower the chances of allergies.

If it’s a case where you refrain from using fresheners or lighting candles, this will definitely help out a lot when it comes to your dog having adverse reaction to strong fragranceces. Another thing we don’t recommend doing around your dog is smoke since it can do severe and permanent damage to your furry friend lungs and respiratory system.

Sleep Apnea

It may be a case where your dog is snoring because they are known to have sleep apnea. This is a condition that allows your dog to breathe shallowly in their sleep which result in them not breathing for a few seconds. Whenever the breathing continues, it can be sudden and sharp causing it to sound like snoring.

If somehow you think your dog may be suffering from sleep apnea, the best thing you can do is take them to a vet as soon as possible.

Back Sleeping

If your dog is the type to sleep on his back, then there is a possibility of your dog tongue dropping back in his throat and impeding airflow is pretty much high. As you can see, there is nothing to be concern about, but if you are trying to get a nap you could try to repositioned your dog from laying on his back.


This could be the culprit behind your dog snoring. So, if you’ve never heard your dog snoring and they begins to do so out of the blue, it could be that during the day something have lodged in his throat or nose that is causing the issue.

The sad news is that this can be d serious problem if not dealt with properly. Apart from that, we think it would be best if you take your dog to the vet for care.


It’s safe to say that when a dog begins to put on weight, the excess fat will starts to show in his neck and throat leading to a partially block airway, which could result in your Schnoodle snore.

Weight gain can lead to many health issues so it is best to keep your dog at an healthy weight. Obesity is said to come with many health problems and even plays a role in reducing life expectancy.

What you can do is to ensure that they receive a balanced diet and gets exercise on a regular basis.

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