How Big Do Cockapoos Get? Learn The Facts

Cockapoos, also known as a cross between Poodle crosses or Cocker Spaniels, are among the most popular dog breeds in America. Worth noting, Cockapoos is a crossbreed of Cocker Spaniels and Miniature Poodles.

People looking for small dogs who want a loyal but energetic companion find solace in Cockapoos. Their intelligence and trainability make them wonderful pets for any family with children. Cockapoos have some anxiety health issues that should be considered before taking one home, but overall they make good pets. While the size of Cockapoos depends on the parent’s traits, there are four variants of the dog breed, and each has a different size.

How Big Do Cockapoos Get?

How Big Do Cockapoos Get

To answer this question effectively, we should inspect the sizes of the four variants of Cockapoos: teacup, toy, mini and standard Cockapoos.

1. Teacup Cockapoo Size

Teacup Cockapoos are small and full-grown, measuring around 10 inches in weight and height. They grow much smaller than toy Cockapoos but slightly bigger than toy Poodles. Their average weight is between 6 and 7 pounds. Meaning they are as light as a medium-sized cat. The teacup breed looks like a small dog on the outside but doesn’t act like one, so they aren’t good pets for older people or families with young children.

2. Mini Cockapoo Size

Mini Cockapoo dogs size depends on the size of their parents, but there is a difference between the size of the mother and father. The average height of male Mini Cockapoos ranges from 13 to 14 inches, while female Mini Cockapoos can be as tall as 15 inches. Their average weight is 14 to 19 pounds, making them smaller than toy Cockapoos. Like toy Cockapoos, they love being spoiled by devoted owners. They also like to dress up and wear costumes.

3. Toy Cockapoo Size

Toy Cockapoos stand on the ground for less than 13 inches in weight and height. They are classified as small dogs, making it easier for them to travel and go to the vet. The Toy Cockapoo’s average weight is somewhere between 10 and 12 pounds. They are also noted for having a thick coat of hair and colorful curly tails. While they are considered one of the smallest dogs you can buy, they are very energetic, curious, and cheerful.

4. Standard Cockapoo Size

The Standard Cockapoo, which is a cross between a standard Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel, can grow up to 22 inches in height. They are very energetic and playful dogs. However, they don’t do well on their own. They are also known for being extremely protective of their owners as well as the family members.

Cockapoos’ average weight is between 25 and 30 pounds, making them bigger than toy Cockapoos but much smaller than a standard Poodle.

Factors Affecting the Size of Cockapoo


When Cockapoos were developed, males were larger than females, and the pattern was maintained when the dogs were bred. The male Cockapoo can be as big as 27 inches, while the female Cockapoo is only 15-20 inches.


Cockapoos inherit their traits, such as high energy levels and a penchant for playing, from their parents. Cockapoos suffering from a health condition may be much larger than average or vice versa. Remember it can grow fat, obese, and diabetic; similarly, it can be sick and thin.

Training and Exercises:

Just like toy and standard Poodles, Cockapoos need lots of exercise and out-of-the-blue physical activities. If your dog don’t get sufficient training can be overweight, as most are food motivated.

What Impacts the Height and Weight of a Cockapoo?

There are a wide range of factors that actually impact the size of your Cockapoo such as the puppy’s gender, the weight and height of the parents and the generation of Cockapoo your dog is from.

Base on the overall genetics it can be a bit challenging to actually determine how large or small your Cockapoo might become, but these factors tend to help out.

The most important factor to consider is the size of the puppy’s parents. There us no doubt that the genetic traits that are passed down from the parents to the puppies plays a very essential role in the way the puppy might become.

If both parents are considered to be large in size, then there’s a chance the litter might be of larger pups. This is also pretty much the same if the parents are small in size. However, in terms of your dog size, it can be hard to actually predict.

With that being said, males are known to be taller and weighs more compared to females.

When Do Cockapoos Stop Growing?

Let’s start by saying that cocker spaniels usually reaches their full grown height at around 12 months. However, when it comes to weight they might take a bit longer to reach their adult weight – usually another 8 months. Poodles on the other hand tend to stop grow at around 18 months.

Cockapoos in general is said to reach their full grown size at 12-18 months. It is also said that teacup and toy usually achieve their growing stage before mini or standard Cockapoo.

How Frequently Should You Exercise Your Cockapoo?

It’s best to keep in mind that cockapoos are usually very energetic dogs. These are not the kind to sleep much during the day, which means that you can find them by your side throughout each day.

We highly recommend that you provide your dog with as much physical activity as possible just to keep them occupied. You can give them daily walks, jogs and take them for a run at times. By doing so not only will you keep your dog active, but you will also increase the bond between you and your furry friend.


Teacup, Mini, and Standard Cockapoos are the most common variants of the small dog breed. Standard Cockapoos are known as the largest variant of all Cockapoos globally. As well as offering a tiny dog with an enormous personality, these dogs can be trained to do tricks and have a good amount of energy to give you and your family lots of fun.

However, they may be too energetic for an older person or a child to handle alone, so work on some basic obedience with them early before they become big. With all the above information, you can easily tell how big do cockapoos get.

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