How Fast Can Cavapoos Run? The Shocking Truth

It might come at a surprise but cavapoos are known to be runners and they are literally some of the fastest dog breeds in the world right now. Being so energies, athletic with a muscular body built, you can expect them to run at a fast speed without easily being tired.

Cavapoos are small breeds so you can definitely expect them to run around the house at a fast speed easily especially when they are having fun either with the kids or their favorite human. But the question is that, how fast can a cavapoo actually run?

How Fast Can Cavapoos Run?

In terms of speed, cavapoos can actually run at a speed of about 15-20 miles per hour (24-32 kilometers per hour). Even though cavapoos are a mix of poodle and cavalier king charles spaniel, they might have a hard time catching up with some dog breeds on the racetrack if it comes to the test.

We are not expecting a cavapoo to win a race against a greyhound, cavapoos are still fast enough to run faster than some other dog breeds out there. Even if these dogs doesn’t reaches the criteria that you are looking for in terms of speed, these adorable dogs makes a great walking partner.

It’s best to keep in mind that these dogs are not built to run long distances. They might sprint off at a fast speed, but eventually they will burn out because they are not known to have the stamina and endurance for long distance running.

How to Start Running With Your Cavapoos?

How Fast Can Cavapoos Run

If it’s a case where you enjoy running, then it is probably a great to run with your cavapoo. Regular exercise is great for dog’s and it will help them burn off excess energy and making sure that they remain fit and healthy. It’s best to know that cavapoos are fast at short distance, which makes them hard to actually catch.

If you are thinking of running with your cavapoo, you should know that they are energetic and a great partner for a long, nice and easy jog. Whenever they are fully grow, your cavapoo will be able to go at a longer distance.

Here are a few things to consider when running with your cavapoo:

  • Before setting out to jog, the first thing is to know that your dog has finished growing which is important. Providing puppies with too much exercise can lead to them having serious joint pain and other health issues.
  • You should always start out slow. It’s very important that you start with 1/4 or 1/2 mile job which will help to build endurance.
  • You should only allow your dog to run at a certain distance just to be on the safe side, so those 5k runs, you should do those solos or with your friends.
  • Make sure that you take breaks in between because at some points your dog will tired, cold or overheated. Also, you should reduce speed, time and distance base on the size if your cavapoo.


As mentioned above you should take breaks while running because your dog will likely become tired and dehydrated so make sure that you take a bottle of clean water on the journey. Also, we think it is best if you known your cavapoos limits. By simply knowing, you’ll have the opportunity to protect your running partner and ensure that both of you have a good time while running.

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