How High Can a Cavapoo Jump? Learn The Facts

Cavapoo are amazing dogs. If you were to combine how intelligent they are with their incredible personality, then can definitely be an asset to any home that has time to care for them. The thing is that cavapoos tend to be very energetic and because of this they require lots of exercises.

Because of how energetic these dogs are, at times you may notice your cavapoo jumping around, which can sometimes be a bit challenging.

How High Can a Cavapoo Jump?

As a dog owner you may not like the fact that your dog is constantly Jumping around especially on people which is why it is important to train your furry friend not to. The thing is that cavapoos are capable of jumping at a great height so even if you have a fenced yard it can be a bit challenging to keep your dog on the inside. Cavapoos tend to have the ability to jump over a six foot tall fence.

Why Are Cavapoos So Jumpy?

How High Can a Cavapoo Jump

You may notice a trend that every time you pick up your dogs bowl, they start to jump around showing how excited they are. There’s no doubt that these dogs are intelligent and because of this they are capable of figuring out a way to get what they want. If your cavapoo constantly jumps on you is because they want something and they are just trying to get your attention.

Why Does My Cavapoo Jump On People All The Time?

Let’s not forget that dogs in general are opportunistic creatures. This means if they are constantly doing something over and over again, it is because they want something and they are doing their best to get it. The thing is that jumping usually starts when your cavapoo was a puppy and he place his paws on you just for attention. Yea at that point you just can’t resist.

How to Prevent a Cavapoo From Jumping Your Fence

One thing for sure is that cavapoos will try their best to jump your fence especially if they see something that catches their attention. It may be to chase a squirrel that is passing by or because they are just bored and want to wonder around the block. It doesn’t matter the reason, the thing is that cavapoos are capable of jumping the fence and getting out of your yard.

If you are worrying about your cavapoo jumping the fence and leaving the yard, then here are several tips you can take into consideration.

Get a higher fence. The first thing you may want to do is install a 6 foit wooden fence which means that your cavapoo won’t have the ability of jumping your fence no matter how hard they try.

Don’t leave your dog unsupervised. You should always keep an close eye on your dog at all times and is due to the fact that a lot of people are willing to steal an animal. Apart from that, we still don’t think it would be a good idea to leave your dog unsupervised, no matter how bust you actually get.

Train your cavapoo to stay away from the fence. You should properly train your cavapoo to stay away from the fence at all cost. Make sure your dog is also inside whenever you are leaving the home. The reason for this is because even if they are trained, their desire for you will allow them to override any training causing them to jump the fence if they are able to.

Ensure that your cavapoo is capable of getting back to you. If it’s a case where your cavapoo have find a way to jump the fence, make sure there is a way for them to get back to you. Cavapoos are known to be very emotional and prone to suffer from separation anxiety which may cause them to find a way to climb high enough so that they can go over the fence.

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