How High Can a Cockapoo Jump? Learn The Facts!

Cockapoos are amazing dogs and if you were to combine their smartness with the fact that they don’t really shed, you will be a huge fan of them just the way I am.

How High Can a Cockapoo Jump?

There are several things that plays a role in how high a cockapoo jumps, but in order to make things easier let’s say that cockapoos are capable of jumping as high as it can stand on its back legs. Base on history you may already know that poodles aren’t a huge fan of jumping. It’s not necessarily because they hate jumping it is just that they try as much as possible not to jump in most cases.

Do Cockapoos Like to Jump?

How High Can a Cockapoo Jump

When compared to other dog breeds, cockapoos aren’t prone to jumping. It is not that they hate to jump or try avoid doing so at all cost, because their are some cockapoos out there that actually enjoy doing so.

With that said, there are some cockapoos out there that are trained to jump whether it is for agility courses or other canine competitions. Cockapoos are without a doubt happy to jump in cases like these especially if they are properly trained to do so. Also it is unlikely for cockapoos with these types of training to jump on people or even try to jump the backyard fence because they know that this isn’t the time and place to actually jump.

Apart from that, some cockapoos just enjoys jumping around because of their personality and this behavior could continue on into adulthood. There might be some cases where you’ve notice that your cockapoo loves to play, even during adult stage. Cockapoos with this personality are more prone to jump on people, which is seen by many as a negative behavior.

Why Does My Cockapoo Jump So Much?

Due to the fact that cockapoos are intelligent dogs, they tend to figure out the best way to get what they actually want. If it’s a case where your cockapoo jumps on you, it is likely because they feel comfortable doing so or it’s just that they want to get your attention.

Can Cockapoos Jump Over Fence?

While this may be a bit unusual for cockapoos to do, you still need to take the necessary measures to prevent your cockapoo from jumping over your fence. They will without a doubt do what they can do and that means to jump over fence that they are capable of jumping.

If you want to prevent your cockapoo from jumping your fence then you should create a higher fence that is taller than six inches or simply train your cockapoo to stay away from the fence.

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