How High Can Schnoodle Jump – Get The Facts

These dogs are friendly, playful, loving and obedient at the same time. But it might be a bit surprising to know that they are good jumpers as well. It’s safe to say that jumping is actually one of the hardest habits to break especially when it’s been accepted by visitors and even our own children.

In this article, we are going to explain everything you need to know about Schnoodle and how high they can actually jump.

How High Can Schnoodle Jump

When it comes to Schnoodle they can jump as high as 4 feet high or even more than that if it’s a case where your Schnoodle has powerful muscular build. This is why we recommend putting your fence or wall at about 5 feet or higher to prevent your dog from jumping over it. So, take the time out to make proper fencing or simply provide your dog with basic obedience training.

There are several reason behind your Schnoodle constantly jumping around and these reasons are:

They Are Excited

It might be that your dog is excited about something which might be the reason for them jumping. It could be that you have treat in your hand so they start to get hyper.

Cat passing by the fence could trigger your dog to constantly jump just to chase them away from the fence.

They Might Be Frustrated

Your furry friend can get easily stressed out just the same as other dog breeds. It might be a case where dog is hungry, irritated or simply need to take a poo.

Another thing that could trigger this is environmental changes next door such as parties, reconstruction, fireworks, etc.


It’s best to keep in mind that dogs are easily bored especially when they are left alone. Your maltipoo will begin to feel lonely when you are not giving them the attention that they need. So, we highly recommend that you give your dog as much attention as you can.

Why Do Dogs Jump Up?

How High Can Schnoodle Jump

As far as we know jumping is normal for most dogs. From puppy stage they constantly jump up to face their mother in order to gain attention from the rest of the litter.

With that said, the issue starts as your dog gets older. The thing is that not all visitors will appreciate dirty paws on their clothes. You will even find some people to be scared of your dog no matter how cute they seem to be.

This is why we shouldn’t give our dog the attention they desire when they starts to jump up, as it is not something we actually like.

How to Train Your Maltipoo Not to Jump

We all can testify that bad habits are one of the hardest thing to break for dogs, usually in order to get this done, you have to replace it with a new habit. In order to get this done, you’ll have to get your Schnoodle to concentrate on one thing which will prevents them from focusing on another.

For example, whenever your dog look as if they are getting ready to jump, command him/her to sit and as soon as they comply with the command you give them a treat. The thing is that this does takes time and lots of patience to get done, but we dont think it would be a good idea to punish your dog whenever they jump on visitors or the fence.

Another thing you can do is ignore your dog. Yes, as a dog parent, we know how hard it can be to ignore your furry friend for any reason. But, this could definitely help out a lot. You can control your Schnoodle behavior by simply ignoring him if he starts to jump up.

What you can do is turn your back, with no eye contact or talking. You should inform the household on this so everyone participate in order for this solution to work effectively.

Once he’s calm, then you should probably give him a treat as a reward for good behavior.

Hire a Professional Trainer

If you’ve tried everything yet your dog is still jumping up on you, then you may need to hire a professional dog trainer. A trainer will be able to get the job done with ease due to the fact that this is their job. Jumping up exercises and impulse control is a part of basic dog training.

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