How Much Does a Mini Bernedoodle Weigh? The Truth

Let’s start by saying that a mini bernedoodle is a combination of the eye catching poodle and the loyal bernese mountain dog. The mixture of both dogs is truly breath-taking because of their quality and how amazing they actually are.

Another superb feature that comes into play with these breeds is the fact that they have a lesser chance of being ill compared to their individual parents which is why they seems to be in such a high demand.

How Much Does a Mini Bernedoodle Weigh?

How Much Does a Mini Bernedoodle Weigh

In terms of weight, the miniature bernedoodle tend to vary in weight and their parents weight actually plays a huge role in this. There is no doubt that the bernese mountain dog weight plays a very essential role in the weight of a mini bernedoodle.

When it comes to bernedoodles in general, their weight tends to vary from 25 to 49 pounds depending on a wide range if factors. These factors include their food intake, the environment that they are in, and their daily routine.

Miniature Bernedoodle Parent’s Weight

As mentioned earlier, the bernedoodle parents are both bernese mountain dog and poodle. Majority of the time, you will find that the male parent is the bernese mountain dog while the female being the poodle. Miniature poodles in these cases usually has a weight of 15-17 pounds while the bernese mountain dog weighing roughly 79-110 pounds.

As you can see, there are several things that comes into play when it comes to bernedoodles weight and this causes it to be very difficult to determine how big they will get even when they stop growing, but the average weight ranges from 25-49 lbs, between a height of 18″ and 22″.

There are cases where people actually divided the miniature bernedoodle weight into two categories, with the first ranging from 35-49 lbs, which is considered to be on the healthy side, and the other weight ranging from 25-34 lbs, which is said to be unhealthy.

The generation of the bernedoodle is another thing that determines the weight of a miniature bernedoodle. It is very well known that the primary generations are the F1, F1b and the F2. The first generation is considered to be on the healthier side compared to the others, but they are said to be more prone to having health diseases.

Mini Bernedoodle Developmental Stages

You won’t find much of a difference between a mini bernedoodle and a normal pup during their development stages. Due to the fact that your dog has bernese mountain dog trait, you may notice some form of stubbornness in your pup but this will disappear as they age. We highly recommend that you help your pup with mental stimulation training as this will make it easier for them during teenage stage.

Within 11 to 13 months, you can expect your miniature bernedoodle to be fully mature. At this moment you will notice a reduction in energy, not wanting to tolerate certain stuff, etc. During this stage you don’t have to worry since your dog will be extremely loyal, intelligent and still has plenty of energy to move around staying active.

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