How Often Do Maltipoos Need a Haircut? Learn More

Maltipoos are very well known to be friendly and loving dogs which makes them a great dog to take home to your family. They are considered to be playful and they will definitely make the entire family happier due to their amazing characteristics.

If your a fan of maltipoos and you are wondering if it is ok to bring one home, then you’re probably thinking the amount of work it actually takes to raise these dog breeds include making sure they are well groomed from head to tail.

How Often Do Maltipoos Need a Haircut?

There is no doubt that raising a maltipoo tend to come with a lot of care and grooming. It’s pretty much like you are taking care of a baby, you have to give them a bath, cut their hair and ensure their nails are properly groomed, which will enable that your dog is cleaned and healthy.

Brushing your dog coat, cleaning their teeth, ears and removing tear stains should be done at least two or three times weekly. Providing them with a bath, clipping their nails and haircuts are usually done once every month.
In order to keep your dog clean and healthy, they will definitely need proper grooming.

Do Maltipoos Actually Need Haircuts?

How Often Do Maltipoos Need a Haircut

Yes they absolutely do need haircuts from time to time just so that they can remain clean and healthy. When giving your dog a haircut, we don’t think it would be a good idea to clip the entire coat because it is not necessary to do so, but most maltipoo owners owners tend to do this as it makes the whole maintenance process a lot easier.

If you don’t have any experience with clipping dog hair in general, we highly recommend getting a professional groomer to get the job done. The benefit of getting a professional groomer is that you can enjoy enjoy different styles. You can have your maltipoo looking like a teddy bear or just a classic puppy. The classic puppy cut is the most common haircut you’ll find, causing your dog to look very attractive.

Benefits of Brushing Your Maltipoo Hair

Constantly brushing your maltipoo hair is very important as it prevent matting from happening. Due to the fact that maltipoos has hair rather than fur, you must ensure that your dog receives a nice haircut every now and then just to be on the safe side.

How often your dog’s needs an haircut varies a lot since it has to do with how fast their hair grows. On average it is said that maltipoos should receive a haircut at least 4 times a year minimum. If it’s a case where your maltipoo hair grows extremely fast, then it would be best if you get them a haircut every 6 weeks.

During the summer months, we think it would be best if you cut your maltipoo’s hair a bit shorter than normal so that they have a better chance of managing the hot seasons. It’s pretty much the same during the winter months, as it would be best to keep your dog hair longer just to keep your dog warm and comfortable.


One thing for sure is that maltipoos need proper grooming just the same as other dog breeds out there. It’s always a good thing to provide your dog with a bath, get them properly groomed and brush up every now and then. By simply giving your dog a proper haircut will allow them to look a lot more appealing and health.

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