How Often Should You Walk a Maltipoo? Learn The Facts

Having a maltipoo as a pet there are many responsibility that comes into play with one of them being having to walk your dog. Not only should you provide your dog with healthy food to eat, but you should also take them for walks as it will make them much happier and healthier as times goes by.

Keeping your dog active is very essential which is why we recommend that all dog owners take their dogs for a walk. Although maltipoos tend to have lesser exercise requirements than bernedoodles and goldendoodles, they still enjoy taking a walk, even if it’s just in the neighborhood.

How Often Should You Walk a Maltipoo?

Due to the fact that maltipoos are mostly indoor because of their lesser exercise needs, at times they are still packed with a lot of energy and walking around will help them to actually burn that energy causing them to feel a lot more calm and comfortable.

When it comes to walking, we highly recommend that you provide your dog with at least 30 minutes of walking just to ensure that they are fully active.

It’s best to keep in mind that taking your dog for daily walks is very important and has many benefits, and it is something that we recommend all dog owners to do. By taking your dog for a walk, you will have the opportunity to improve their overall health, mental wellness, keep their body fit, prevent them from being bored.

Benefits That Comes With Walking Your Maltipoo

How Often Should You Walk a Maltipoo

There are actually several benefits that comes into play with walking your maltipoo. These includes:

Enhances Your Dog Overall Health

Taking your dog for a daily walk will definitely enhance their health due to the fact that it will help them to stay fit and active. The easiest way for your dog to gain weight is to not providing them with the right amount of exercises which includes taking them out for walks.

Base on studies it is said that more than 50% of dogs in the United States are overweight or obese. You definitely don’t want this for your furry friend because your dog being overweight can actually lead to many different health issues. Each day your dog will be packed with energy especially after eating, so taking them for walks will help to burn calories which is good.

It Improves Your Dog Mental Wellness

By taking your dog for a walk, you will definitely notice an increase in their mental and physical health over a period of time. There’s no doubt that your dog will enjoy exploring and observing their surrounding while walking around which is absolutely good for them.

Walking your maltipoo can be quite a fun thing to do and it will definitely stimulate their mind and keep them feeling all excited. This is why we don’t think it is a good idea to keep your dogs inside because they will eventually gets bored and don’t have nothing to do. And we can all testify that whenever a dog gets bored, their destructive side start to take a toll on them.

Can Easily Train Your Dog

While walking your dog, you’ll definitely have the opportunity to train your dog with some nee commands during this time. As they are walking, their mind will become stimulated and this will allow them to learn new things relatively quickly.

Maltipoos are considered to be an intelligent breed which means that they tend to learn things a lot quicker. Just to make things smoother, you should bring along a few treats on the journey. Everytime your dog have done a command successfully, you can provide them with a treat.

Help Your Dog to Socialize

Whenever you visit the dog park with your furry friend, they will start to meet other dogs that might become a friend of theirs which leads to your dog socializing more. This is very important especially for dogs who are suffering from social anxiety. Dogs that is always out for a walk will gain lots of confidence which will eventually make them more friendly among people within their surrounding.

Is Walking Your Maltipoo Every day Necessary?

Similar to us humans, dogs should walk on a daily basis just to remain aa healthy as possible.

Even though you might see your maltipoo running around the house or playing with toys, that is still not enough to fulfill their exercise requirements.

Exercise is actually helpful in many ways as it helps to keep your maltipoo active and a dig that is known to be active is a happy dog. This is why we think it is best to take your dog for a walk every day.

How Long Should You Spend Walking Your Maltipoo?

In order to get the best result, we highly suggest walking your dog at least twice a day. The fact that maltipoos are usually small in size, they tend to be on the more active side compare to other dogs. What this means is that your maltipoo should be able to walk for 60 minutes.

You can start off the morning walking your dog for 30 minutes and another 30 minutes in the evening which would be great for your maltipoo. It’s best to know that walking your dog before bed is extremely effective and it will help your maltipoo sleep a lot more comfortable.

When You Should Not Take Your Maltipoo For a Walk?

It’s best to keep in mind that there are certain times when you shouldn’t leave the house with your maltipoo as it could actually lead to health problems over a period of time.

We don’t think it would be a good idea to walk your dog right after they have just eaten a bowl of food. This can result in your dog vomiting and bloating. After eating, you should give them chance to take a rest even if it includes taking a nap. After your dog is fully rest, then it is time to take them out for a walk.

If the temperature is extremely hot or cold, you shouldn’t take them out for a walk. Instead what you can do is stay home and let them exercise until it is suitable to go outside.

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