How to Clean Tear Stains On Cavapoos? Get The Facts!

You should definitely take the time out to check your cavapoo eyes on a daily basis to make sure there isn’t any tear stain, mucus or foreign matter that is causing any issues. At times you may find a few matter on the inside corners of the eyes, which is quite normal.

However, this can be easily removed by just moistening a cotton ball with warm water and take your time to carefully dabbed at the eyes corner. You should never rub their eyes with cotton as this could lead to their eyes scratching.

If it’s a case where you are constantly seeing tear stain or matter on your dog’s eyes and you are being concerned, then you are definitely in the right place. We are going to explain everything you need to know about these issues and how to properly remove them without causing any harm to your furry friend.

What Are Tear Stains?

Let’s start by saying that tear stain are considered to be a dark red, brown or black discolored hair that can be found under one or both eyes of your dog. At some point, you may also notice a form of discharge on the areas. While you’ll normally see these in lighter color cavapoos that’s not always the case, it tend to affect all cavapoos doesn’t matter what fur color they have.

The thing is that tear stains are very well known to be caused by an overflow of tears from the eyes onto your dog’s face, which is also known as Epiphora. Though Epiphora is considered by many to be a medical condition, it more gear towards being symptoms of an underlying condition that need to be checked out by your veterinarian. There are cases where this issue could be of something more serious such as glaucoma, infection, corneal ulcer, etc.

When it comes to tear stains we don’t think it is a good idea to leave it untreated as it could lead to chronically damp fur. Whenever this occur, your dog is more prone to contracting bacteria, fungal infection or even yeast infection.

Common Cause of Tear Stains

How to Clean Tear Stains On Cavapoos

Due to the fact that tear stains are usually cause by excessive tearing, which are due to many different reasons. The most common causes of tear stains that you’ll experience are:

  • Eye infections
  • Teething
  • Allergic reactions
  • Reaction to ingredients in their food
  • Tear duct blockage
  • Eyelid Abnormalities
  • Eyelash infection

If it’s a case where your dog has developed seasonal allergies or the tear stain is due to epiphora, which is cause by other health issues, then even with medication you may not be able to get rid if tear stains in your dog. At this point, the only thing you can do is to treat the issue.

How to Clean Tear Stains On Cavapoos

After you’ve take the time out to find what’s the culprit behind your dog tear stains, it’s now time to get rid of the spots themselves. A lot of people actually recommend home treatment which includes hydrogen peroxide or even to rub bleach on the fur, but we don’t recommend doing this because it’s not safe to put chemical so close to your cavapoo’s eyes.

We only recommend using products that is known to be pet safe and allergy friendly to use regards to getting rid of the tear stains.

1. Trim the Fur

The first thing you may want to do is trim the discolored fur around your dog’s eyes by using a small pair if scissors. You should be very careful when doing so and if your dog is not corporating, then you should let a groomer get the job done.

2. Clean the Affected Area

At this point we think it’s best to use a damp cloth to get the job done. All you need to do is make sure the area is free of bacteria and any infectious agents. You shouldn’t use any water or shampoo while doing this and becareful not to let the cloth get into your dog eyes. The thing is that some cavapoos are more prone to having tear stains that others, so you may want to do on a regular basis if you notice any.

3. Properly Dry the Area

Once you’ve properly cleaned the affected discharged area, then what you can do is use a small towel and make sure the affected area isn’t soak before you apply whatever treatment you have.

4. Apply the Treatments

There are lots of treatments on the market which you can use to try and get rid of the issue from occurring. We strongly recommend going with a topical paste as we think they actually get the job done the most effectively.

5. Remove the Excess

You should carefully apply the right amount of paste to the affected area under each eyes. When doing this make sure you take your time and refrain from having it entering your cavapoo eyes. Once the job is done, wipe away any extra.

6. Reapply the Treatment

In order for the treatment to work make sure that you follow the instructions carefully and reapply when needed so that your dog tear stain can eliminated as quickly as possible.

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