How to Stop a Cavapoo From Jumping? Tips & Tricks

Seeing your young pup jumping up may seems a but cute at first but that’s not the case when your dog become bigger in both age and size. Your dog constantly jumping up can be a bit overwhelming especially when they do so on guest and for this you want to break them out of this habit.

It’s best to keep in mind that this is actually one of the hardest habit to break and the reason for this is because most people always encourage them to do so, so they will eventually think it is something good to do.

The first thing you should do is stop everyone in your household from allowing them to jump up and whenever your dog does it without the command from someone, you should show them that you’re not satisfied with their behavior by raising your voice commanding them to sit.

The reason for this behavior is because cavapoos are active dogs who enjoy running around and jumping. While your dog may not see anything wrong with this behavior, you should prevent him from jumping up. Here are several things you can start doing today so that your cavapoo doesn’t jump up anymore.

Why Do Cavapoos Jump Up?

For your furry friend, constantly running around and jumping up is just seen as a normal behavior. If you observed your pup from birth you’d see that they always jump up to the face of their mother so that they can gain her attention from the rest of the litter.

Because your dog was grown having this behavior as they get older they still tend to repeat the process so you can expect them to do so whenever they need your attention as well.

In order to break your cavapoo from this behavior, whenever they jump up to gain your attention, you shouldn’t give it to them as this will show them that you are not satisfied with their behavior.

How to Train Cavapoo Not to Jump?

How to Stop a Cavapoo From Jumping

There are a handful of things you can do to stop your dog from jumping up and below we have listed a few.

Ignore Your Dog

When your dog is excited or simply in a great mood because your home from work or shopping, he might want to jump up so that he can greet you. Turning your back might seems like you are playing with him get him even more excited, so the best thing you can do is ignore the bad behavior, just don’t be apart of it. You shouldn’t make any form of eye contact, don’t say nothing and stay still just to let your dog know that you don’t respect what he’s doing.

Dance Your Dog

At any moment your puppy jumps up, you should hold his front paws and dance him around the room. Most dogs actually hate this and actually stops them from even jumping up. However, there are some dogs who might find this to be fun and it could enhance the behavior. If this cause the behavior to be more intense, then you should find another way.

Practice Commands

This can be really effective so instead of having your dog jumping up when you are home, you can simply command him to sit down. You can start by practicing your puppy’s to sit while you are at home, then you should do so on a regular basis as you are leaving and when you arrive home. Whenever you have a guest over, I can guarantee that they will appreciate your dog sitting too, because not everyone likes a dog that is constantly jumping around especially on you.

Also, whenever your cavapoos sits, what you can do is give them a treat as a reward. Providing your dog treats will allow your dog to look up at you. This behavior ensures your dog looks to you for guidance which means that they will always listen out for commands instead of running and jumping up.

Get Some Help

At this point you might want to get some help which means you can ask a friend or family member for a hand in training your dog. You can have them enter and re-enter your house or simply put your poodle on a leash and have your guest walk away each time your pups starts to jump. By taking the time out to practice, your dog will come into terms that them jumping doesn’t give them the attention that they want, while a calm greeting is the way to go.


Cavapoos are wonderful dogs and great to be apart of your family. The thing is that they tend to get overly excited and act out of control. With these amazing tips, you are sure to find some tips that will help in regards to preventing your dog’s from jumping up on people.

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