Why Bernedoodles Are the Best – Learn The Facts!

There’s no doubt that bernedoodles are popular dog breeds and the reason for this is because they are intelligent, hyperactive, attractive coat, and this is what makes them the perfect breed for most people. As you may already know, bernedoodles was created by breeding the bernese mountain dog with the poodle.

Even though you’ll find a lot of impressive traits that comes with owning a bernedoodles, there are several disadvantages as well. So, it’s always best to know the pros and cons that comes with owning a specific dog breed before consider adopting. By doing so you will have a idea of things which you can use to support the dog in the best way possible.

Why Bernedoodles Are the Best

Why Bernedoodles Are the Best

In this article, you are going to learn everything you should know about bernedoodles and whether or not you should consider owning one.

Bernedoodles Are Easy to Train

Onething that we really appreciate about these dog breeds is the fact that they can be easily trained due to the fact that they are extremely intelligent. Bernedoodles always do there best to please their owners so once you teach them command, they will do their best to do whatever you want them to.

However, the thing is that smart dogs tend to need regular mental stimulation, or they will eventually become bored over time. If it’s a case where your bernedoodle becomes bored, they might become destructive by chewing your household items. This is why we highly recommend that you provide them mentally stimulating games and toys just to keep them busy when it’s necessary.

Loving and Gentle

We love the fact that these dog breeds are super loving and gentle at the same time making them the perfect fit for children’s. Bernedoodles are amazing family dogs, as well as therapy dogs. You will find your bernedoodle to be in good spirit most of the times. We strongly believe that this is due to the fact that they enjoy being apart of the family.

The only disadvantage that comes with this is that they love to get attention. These dogs will not cope well if they are not receiving the attention that they desire. This is why we strongly believe that they should be in a home with someone who is constantly giving them the attention that they require. So, if you are mostly at work, you can expect your furry friend to become lonely as times goes by.

Bernedoodles Are Great For Family Dogs

Let’s start by saying that these dog breeds are extended active which makes them great for those with active families. Whenever you’re taking a walk or even hike, you can definitely bring them. Apart from that, you will find that they enjoy being in water and the fact that they are active, make them great swimmer.

Bernedoodles also requires at least two hours of exercise. This is why people who are constantly busy should refrain From having a bernedoodle. This breed may not be the right choice for those who just don’t have two hour of their day to spare.

Bernedoodles Low-Shedding

Bernedoodles are a great choice for those who are suffering from allergies because they are well known to be low shedders. As you can see, their coats are midly wavy and usually the curlier the coat is the less likely they will shed.

The biggest drawback you’ll likely face is the fact that bernedoodles are high maintenance. You must take the time out to groom your furry friend coat on a regular basis to keep them happy and healthy. You will need to continuously brush and trim their coat to keep it from getting tangled.

With that said, before bringing a bernedoodle home, you must consider if you have the time and the financial security to keep them looking fresh, and healthy.

Bernedoodle Lifespan

One of the main reasons why many people stay away from bernese mountain dogs is because of how short their lifespan is, which is why they bred them with poodles. So, you can actually expect your bernedoodles to have a longer lifespan with fewer health issues.


Before getting yourself a bernedoodle it is best to consider all aspect just to make sure that they are the right choice for you. We always recommend this as this is very important for you and the happiness of your dog.

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