Why Do Cavapoos Dig? Everything You Need to Know!

Having a cavapoo that constantly dig can be a bit overwhelming especially when it comes to them bringing dirt or even mud inside your house, which will force you to clean up as well as give them a bath. The worst case scenario is when your dog is actually digging a tunnel so that he can escape just to play with other dogs or to explore the neighborhood.

If you are being bothered by your dog behavior; then we strongly recommend that you keep reading so that you can have a better understanding on how to stop a cavapoo from digging.

Why Do Cavapoos Dig?

Knowing the reason behind your cavapoo constantly digging holes in your backyard is very important which is why we have put together a list of the most common reasons why cavapoos dig.

Boredom and Anxiety

One of the most common reasons behind cavapoos digging is just because they are bored and just looking for something that will occupy their time. For dogs in general, they usually dig because it tend to be a way of relieving boredom or even distract themselves from anxiety. It is said that chronic digging may be a sign that your furry friend isn’t receiving enough physical activity or mental stimulation.


The truth to be told is that it may be because of an instinctive behavior that dogs is said to inherit from their werewolf ancestors. You will find that all dogs dig at some point and it is considered to be natural to them, which allows them to continue doing so. If it’s a case where your dog doesn’t dig in the backyard, then you’re likely to experience them digging in their bed or sofa before they lay down.

Seeking Prey

If somehow your dog has high prey drive, then you’ll likely to see them digging to go after small animals that they can hear or probably smell underground. This is more common among dogs with higher than normal prey drive.


It might be that your dog is always digging just so that they can find comfort. If the weather is hot, you will find your dog digging a spot just before they lay down. This is a bit more common with thick coats dogs.

Hiding Something

It is safe to say that some dogs tend to enjoy hiding stuff such as their toys or treat, just for safekeeping. The downside with this is that your dog may forgot where the item is hidden, which leads to them constantly digging around the yard.


If it’s a case where your dog is curious on what is outside the fence, then may begin digging a tunnel under fence because it is known to be easier than jumping the fence. This is a behavior that a lot of dogs have especially when their is another dog on the other side of the fence.

How to Stop a Cavapoo From Digging?

Why Do Cavapoos Dig

We all dislike seeing our dog digging around the yard especially if you have some nice flowers in the spot that they dig. Not saying that you will completely stop your cavapoo from digging, but at least you will decrease the chance of them doing so.

  1. What we recommend is that you constantly place obstacles at the locations where your dogs enjoy digging. What you can do is place rocks, paving stones or even plant bushes around the yard.
  2. At this point you may want to get a designated spot so that your dog can dig without it being bothering. You may want to get a sandbox if it’s a case where your dog enjoy digging.
  3. You might want to provide your dog with a outdoor bed that’s located in a shady spot for dogs who likes to dig. Whenever you find your dog digging, you can take them to this spot.
  4. If It’s a case where you’re always allowing rodent within your yard, then you may want to get rid of them as much as possible. Dogs with strong prey drive will be tempted to attack these animals.
  5. Make sure that your dog receives the right amount of mental and physical stimulation so that you can reduce the chances of your dog digging. Cavapoos tend to have high energy which means that you’ll have to take them for a walk for at least 30 minutes a day, just to be on the safe side.


Though it may not be a case where you will 100 percent prevent your cavapoo from digging around the yard because of their natural instinct, but it will certainly reduce the chances of your dog having the urge to dig.

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