Why Does My Bernedoodle Sleep So Much? The Truth

Sleep is very important for your bernedoodle especially during puppy stage. The thing is that bernedoodle puppy need to get adequate amount of sleep since it actually helps with their physical and mental development. Keep in mind that the more sleep your bernedoodle pups get the more you can expect their bones and muscles to become strengthen.

We really appreciate how often a bernedoodle puppy sleep and it is considered to be quite a lot. You can expect a puppy that is 2-3 months old to sleep for about 16-20 hours daily. However, there are several factors that comes into play and it all depends on your specific dog and the environment he is in.

So as you can see, bernedoodle puppies tend to sleep right throughout the day and is considered to be very normal for them to do so. But as they grow older, their sleeping schedule will minimize depending on the food they eat and their daily routine.

Why Does My Bernedoodle Sleep So Much?

If your dog isn’t eating then they are probably sleeping. There is absolutely onething for sure that all dog have in common is that they all sleep a lot. According to research done by AKC conducter is the fact that dogs in general spend at least 12-14 hours sleeping throughout the day. The truth is that dogs actually sleep more than humans do.

Reason Why Your Bernedoodle Sleep All The Time

Why Does My Bernedoodle Sleep So Much

If somehow you begin to think that your bernedoodle is sleeping too much and it’s kind of seems weird, then you should probably visit the vet just to be on the safe side. Even though young pup might require a lot more sleep they should show you a decent amount of energy in between. If your puppy doesn’t find joy in exploring or playing, then something might be wrong which is why we think consulting a vet would be the best thing to do.

Make sure your bernedoodle is getting the right amount if nutrients so that they can stay healthy and energetic. We think the best idea would be for you to create a proper meal plan for your young bernedoodle. Feeding for dog on wrong timing and the amount if food you are giving your dog can be the reason behind him sleeping so much.

Playing Schedule

It is best to keep in mind that bernedoodles are extremely playful and energetic dogs and they will without a doubt play every chance they get. The sad news is that a lot of people doesn’t have time to play with their dogs and this affects your dog overall behavior. So, if you notice a shift in your bernedoodle behavior then this could be one if the reason why.

Can a Bernedoodle Not Get Enough Sleep?

What if your dog sleeps throughout the day, is it possible for them to not get enough sleep? The answer is yes. There are cases where your dog might not get the right amount of sleep. If somehow your dog is suffering from respiratory issue such as sleep apnea or he is just overweight, then he probably won’t get enough sleep.


We highly recommend that you keep track of your dog’s sleeping pattern and other symptoms. Not only that, but you should ensure that your dog isn’t overweight because this can play a role with your dog not getting enough sleep. However, if your dog is sleeping more than usual, then the best bet is to visit a vet.

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