Why is My Bernedoodle So Hyper? Learn The Truth!

One of the comment that we’ve often received from bernedoodle puppy owners is how hyper they are. It might be a case where they are constantly barking while running around the room uncontrollably, there’s no doubt that bernedoodle puppies tend to have never ending energy.

But, what could be the reason for bernedoodle puppy’s hyperactivity and how can you actually calm it down? In this article, we are going explain the reason behind your bernedoodle puppy being hyper and how you can calm it.

With that being said, let’s take a look at why bernedoodle puppy’s are so hyper and the most effective methods to fixing it.

Why is My Bernedoodle So Hyper?

Why is My Bernedoodle So Hyper

Your Bernedoodle is Growing Up

The reason behind this is that your bernedoodle is just growing up and they are experiencing certain changes. When they just start learning how to bark, walk and run, they will be excited because it is actually something new. At this point, constantly running around and barking will be their favorite thing to do.

The fact these dogs enjoy having fun, they will do so at every chance they get, but don’t worry, it will begin to fade away as they grow older. Once your dog begins to get older, certain things will begin to fade and them constantly barking and running around is one of those things.

Training Your Bernedoodle

We highly recommend training your furry friend due to the fact that they are intelligent and easy to train. With determination and patience, you can get your bernedoodle properly trained within no time. You can teach them how to behave base on the commands you’ve given them.

One thing that you’ve found to be helpful when it comes to training is that it can be a fun way for you to connect with your dog in the best way possible as this will help to build trust.

Exercising Your Bernedoodles

There’s no doubt that every dog needs exercise as it will help them to stay fit and healthy. The fact that these dogs are hyper and energetic, providing them with the right exercise can be beneficial.

Playing With Your Bernedoodle

The fact that your bernedoodle is hyper and is packed with lots if energy, you may want to take them outside to play and spend quality time together. Reason why we recommend going outside is because it’s more spacious for running around. It is also known to be a easier way for your pup to get tired and want to rest.

Having a Peaceful Home

This may sound a bit weird, but the presence within your home is enough to cause your dog to feel hyper or calm. So, if it’s a case where you have a peaceful then you can expect your dog to fit in quite well. But, if you tend to have a more hyper home where there is constant activity taking place, then you can expect your bernedoodle to hyper as well.

Another thing that might lead to your dog feeling hyper is if they feel unsafe or if the feeling isn’t right. Make sure your bernedoodle feels comfortable around its area of food or space. We don’t think it would be a good idea to walk around their bowl during meal time or simple when there is food inside it. You should also refrain from moving their toys unless you are planning on playing with them as this could result in hyper behavior from your dog.

Their Environment

The truth is that at such young stage, your bernedoodle is not used to certain things as yet. So, the television, washing machine and even the vacuum might result in them being hyper just because they are not used to it. Even just by having another pet in your home may be causing your bernedoodle to feel as if they are getting less attention and could lead to them becoming more hyperactive.

Help Your Bernedoodles to Release Energy

One of the main reason for your dog to behave hyper is because they don’t have enough space to work with. There’s no doubt that bernedoodles need a healthy way to release energy and exercise. Not having the chance to have the right amount of exercise can lead to them being unhappy. This may also result in them being hyper and loud.

Give Your Bernedoodle Attention

If you give your dog too much attention and they get their active moments when they are with you, they may start clinging onto you and in order to have fun, they will need you by their side. This can eventually cause them to become hyper and loud just to get your attention.

Health Issues That Cause Hyper Behavior

Let’s not forget that there is health condition known as hyperkinesis in which causes a dog to have a clinical hyperactivity problems, however this condition is said to be rare so you shouldn’t be too worried.

You will find that most dog’s who suffer from this health issue tend to have s high tolerance for any noises or activity and can even be set in a hyper state by seemingly mundane elements such as the noise coming from the television. These dogs also experience rapid heartbeat and heavy breathing even while they are resting.

If somehow you feel your dog is suffering from this condition, then we think you should have them properly test at a veterinarian clinic. At this point your dog’s heart rate and respiratory responses are monitored both at rest and while stimuli is introduced. If your veterinarian have found this to be the reason behind your dog hyper behavior, they will provide you with medications.


We all know how frustrating it can be to deal with a hyper bernedoodle puppy after just coming home from work. However, with the right training and patience, you will acknowledge that it is not always a bad thing to have a active bernedoodle who is always running around.

In order to know how happy and healthy your bernedoodle puppy actually is, look to see how hyper they are when you are around. The reason for this is because pups are usually happiest when they are around people they trust and love, so if your bernedoodle is running around, this is an clear indication that you have their heart.

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