Why is My Cavapoo Itching? The Surprising Truth

As the warmer season takes effect, you may notice your dog constantly itching. The thing is that there are many reasons behind your dog’s having a itchy skin, and whenever they are constantly doing it, it is usually an issue that deserves a closer look.

The worst thing you can see is your pet constantly itching and biting which causes them to become uncomfortable. With that said, the two main things that actually causes a dog itchy skin are pets and allergies, both of which can be seasonal.

Why is My Cavapoo Itching?

Why is My Cavapoo Itching

This is usually due to several reasons and down below we are going to take a closer look at the things that are prone to cause your cavapoo to itch excessively.

Fleas and Ticks

Whenever your dog starts to itch, the first thing you want to check for is any fleas and ticks. These pets are usually the culprit behind your dog itching since their job is to use your dog has a host. Sometimes it can be a bit challenging to notice ticks until they become large enough which makes it even more easier for you to remove them. The thing is that these pets is known to carry a wide range of dangerous diseases, so it is best to check for them whenever you notice your dog constantly itching or during ticks season.

On the other hand, fleas are considered to be less dangerous but they are just as uncomfortable for dogs as ticks. Infestation of fleas can cause excessive itching and skin reactions, which sometimes need to be treated by a veterinarian. You may find that some dogs tend to have allergic reactions to flea bites that result in hair loss, swelling, and even infection in some cases. It’s a bit more easier to spot fleas compared to ticks that’s if you regularly check your dog’s.

However, in order to know if you are dealing with a flea infestation, you may want to brush through your dog coat using a flea comb. You may even notice flea dirt on your dog. If it’s a case where you’ve give your dog a bath and notice any form of reddish brown color in the water, fleas are usually the cause for this.

Food Allergies

Just like us humans, dog’s are also prone to be allergic to almost anything. If you have check for fleas and ticks and there is none to find, yet your furry friend is still constantly itching, then it could be that they are dealing with some form of allergy.

Before you even start with any treatment, the first thing you’ll probably want to do is consult your veterinarian so that you can have a better understanding what your dog might be allergic to. The thing is that dog’s in general rarely contract food allergies.

Anxiety and Stress

It may be that your dog is suffering from anxiety and stress. Whenever this is the case, it can be bad because it’s not like dog’s are capable of venting their anxiety by talking to you. Dogs tend to handle anxiety in a much different way by constantly scratching and biting their legs, paws, etc.

When it comes to dog’s anxiety is normally caused by seperation anxiety, environmental factors or it might just be a case where your dogs have general anxiety. At any moment you notice your dog is always scratching and biting, it is best to consult your vet so you can have an idea on what’s actually causing the issue.

After speaking with your vet, we believe one of the most effective way to get rid of your dog’s anxiety is to use a natural remedy such as Pet Wants calming balm. This prodigy is made with essential oils, so not only is it effective, but it also smells great.

Dry Skin

This could be another culprit behind your dog constantly itching throughout the day. It is safe to say that pets and humans have a lot in common and dry skin is definitely one of them. You may notice that your skin gets drier during the winter season when the heat in your home is on maximum.

Not only that, but it also the same during the summer months when the AC within your home is on maximum as well. The drier the air becomes, the drier your skin will be. With that said, your dog may also suffer from this and if their skin becomes dry, they will start biting and scratching.

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