Why is My Cavapoo Throwing Up? The Honest Truth

This is something that a lot of dog owners has to face at some point. It might be a case where you’ve feed your cavapoo a delicious meal and then a few minutes after they start to throw up everything, leaving you with a load of mess to clean up.

Vomiting usually occur because the food didn’t have enough time to work its way through their digestive system. But you may be wondering, what’s the reason behind cavapoos vomiting?

The thing is that there are lots of things that may lead to your cavapoo throwing up including toxins, sickness, body ingestion and the list goes on. While your dog vomiting once in awhile isn’t such a big deal, if it is something that is constantly happening then something is definitely wrong.

With that being said, let’s take a closer look on the reason behind your cavapoo vomiting and how to resolve the issue.

Why is My Cavapoo Throwing Up?

Why is My Cavapoo Throwing Up


As mentioned above, there are several reasons behind a cavapoo vomiting. However, if it’s a case where your dog is constantly throwing up undigested food but it isn’t something that occurs after they’ve eaten, then they are probably vomiting. There are cases where you can actually tell the difference between vomiting and regurgitation by the consistency, color and the smell.

Intestinal Parasites

It is safe to say that your dog could be vomiting because of an infestation caused by an intestinal parasites like a hookworm, roundworm or whipworm. If the vomiting is associated with any form of diarrhea, loss of appetite or if you see any worm in your dog’s vomit or even stool, then they are likely suffering from an infestation.

The good news is that, infestation can be easily treated. Once consult your vet, they will prescribed to you a dewormer that will help to kill all parasites.

Motion Sickness

It’s best to keep in mind that dogs can actually experience motion sickness similar to us humans. If you notice your dog vomiting during or even after a car ride, then this may be the culprit. In cases like these, your vet will likely prescribed medication that is capable of helping with these issues.


If somehow your dog have accidentally ingest toxin, such as antifreeze, rat poison, pesticides or even medication such as acetaminophen, then they are likely to experience vomiting. Apart from vomiting, you’ll also see symptoms such as drooling, confusion or collapse. At this point, you may want to consult your veterinarian immediately for emergency treatment.

Foreign Object Ingestion

This is considered to be the main culprit behind a dog constantly vomiting. Usually it could be that your dog have eaten foreign objects or materials, also known as dietary indiscretion. It could be table scraps, batteries, stone, garbage, bones, sticks and the list goes on.

Once you visit your veterinarian, make sure to inform them if your dog have eaten something he or she shouldn’t have. This is very important as they’ll be able to take quick action when it comes to treatment for your furry friend.

Viral Infection

It could be that your dog is actually suffering from a viral infection. These infections includes parvovirus and distemper which can result in your dog vomiting, along with other symptoms such as diarrhea, appetite loss, abdominal pain, etc. You should inform your vet if you notice any if these symptoms.

Food Allergies

It could be that your dog is allergic to a ingredients in their food, like pork, chicken, beef, soy or wheat. Vomiting is usually a sign that your dog is suffering from food allergies and this allergy also includes itchy skin, diarrhea and sometimes weight loss. Once you notify your vet, they’ll try and figure out what food your dog is allergic to. This will help you in determining which food to avoid giving your dog to eat.

Should I Be Concerned About My Cavapoo Vomiting?

There are lots of things that could cause your dog to actually vomit up undigested food. If somehow you don’t think that it is anything serious then it might be that your dog has sensitive stomach.

So, if you notice your dog has vomit, then you can probably keep an eye on him for a few hours to see what happens. If there is no further vomiting or regurgitation and they seems to be fine, it was probably an incident. In situations like these, you can provide your dog with water to drink or a few kibble just to see their reaction.

However, if the vomiting or regurgitation persist and your dog is experiencing symptoms just as the ones I have explained above, you should consult your veterinarian immediately just to be on the safe side. If you know what is causing the issue, then that would make things even smoother for your vet so that the problem can be treated immediately.

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