Why is My Maltipoo Crying? Everything You Need to Know!

There is no doubt that your maltipoo means the world to you, which is why they can change your entire mood whenever they begins to cry. At any point they look at us with those puppy dog eyes, our heart gets melt and we are ready to give them whatever they desire.

It’s safe to say that maltipoos tend to whine and cry when they are trying to get our attention or to communicate with us about something, it could be that they are experiencing pain, hungry or simply want to play outside. But, at any moment, you notice your dog crying, something is definitely wrong and you shouldn’t ignore them either.

Another thing to keep in mind is that maltipoo don’t normally whine or cry unless they are at puppy stage or it’s been unintentionally trained to do so. If it’s a case where your maltipoo is always whining and crying then you might be wondering what you can do about it.

Why is My Maltipoo Crying?

Why is My Maltipoo Crying

Here are several reasons why your maltipoo might be whining and crying throughout the day.

New Puppies

When you purchase or adopt your first maltipoo puppy home, there will be an period when they will need to become adjust to their new environment. Sometimes this phase only last for a day or two, while you have times when it will last for over a week. Every dog is different, so your pup might adjust slower or faster.

During this adjustment phase, your young pup will whine and cry whenever he/she feels lonely. The reason for this is because he’s in an environment that he is not familiar with anyone around.

We think it’s best to get a toy or blanket from the breeder that has a familiar scent that you can take home for your puppy. This will without a doubt help your maltipoo to feel more at home.


It might be a case where your dog is just trying to communicate with you. Whether it’s anxiety, pain, attention, frustration, excitement, these are all common reasons why your maltipoo may be trying to communicate with you.

Most of the time when your dog is whining and crying is because they want food, water, potty break, toy, etc. This is pretty much similar to how puppy communicate with their mother when they are asking for something they do so by whining.

Seeking Attention

Most of the time when your dog whine or cry they are just trying to get your attention. Usually when they received your attention, they get extra petting, playtime or a treat, so they continue doing so. Whenever you give your maltipoo attention when they are whining, they will always repeat the habit since it actually works in their favor. It’s always best to wait for a break in the whine and provide them with a treat.


Just like humans, dogs do suffer from pain and it can actually lead to them constantly whining and crying throughout the day especially if the pain is severe. If somehow you suspected that your furry friend is experiencing pain, then it’s best to consult your veterinarian. Your veterinarian will prescribe medication to reduce the pain and may also suggest exercises that will make your maltipoo much comfortable.

Separation Axiety

This is definitely an condition that usually lead to your dog constantly crying. When leaving your dog at home alone, at times they tend to spend the entire day whining and crying.

The good news is that there are things you can do to help the situation. First we recommend consulting with your veterinarian to help rule out medical problems. Once it is ruled out, then there’s a possibility the problem is behavioral and if that is the case, there’s training out there you can use to end excessive crying.

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Should You Ignore a Dog Crying?

If you find that your maltipoo is just crying to get your attention, simply ignoring your dog is the best way to stop the behavior. As soon as the whining start, you should avoid eye contact and turn away from your dog. Make sure not to touch or speak to your furry friend. Be sure to reinforce positive behavior by taking the time out to reward your dog for being quiet.

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